Our Story

Greeting! Welcome to the world of parenthood. We are one of your comrades,
so we truly deeply understand what you have been through, and we have always wished
to make all parents live a bit easier.

We launched our first product, fruit puree, because we wanted our kids to have fresh vegetables and fruit as an introduction to solids food. But as a working parent, we don’t have much preparation time and we were not sure about the freshness, cleanliness, and the most important, natural nutrition of baby food on convenient stores shelves (some are older than your baby). 

After thousands of meals and our kids and our friends and families’ kids as testers, we are ready to deliver our nourishing, nutritious, fresh, and easy baby foods right at your door.

Raising a kid is not an easy task but working while you must take care a baby, it is super tough. So, after a long day, why don’t you just focus on your happy mealtimes with your loved ones and leave us the sweaty jobs like handle and procure the best source of fruit and vegetables and put in the jar for you.

Snacky Puree
Sandy and Baby Sky